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About Kiwision

Our vision is to deliver IT services with a regional presence where the customer is always in focus. IT as a service from Kiwision helps your core business move forward, without hassle, where function and security are the key to a prosperous business. 

Kiwision is a wholly owned limited company started and formed by people with long experience in the IT industry. Together, we have over the years delivered high-quality services in IT infrastructure, system development, project management, management, web, training and seminars and more. We have a strong sense of security, great humility and always work for the benefit of our customers. Our customers' industries vary everything from industry and government agencies to restaurants and events, both large and small companies. We are located at Möljen 8 (Sjöbodarna) in the heart of Hälsingland, but we deliver to a market within and outside our immediate area. In this time of constant change in communication and ever higher demands on IT security, our goal is to apply new technology where it is needed and not because it is just "new". New technology will add value to our customers. If you want help shaping your IT systems, IT infrastructure and working methods in accordance with the EU data directives GDPR or ISO 27001, we can help you. Are you interested in knowing more about us? Feel free to contact us and we will tell you more!

Who are we?

Johannes Bunne

CEO / IT strategy

Markus Persson

System development

Simon Björstedt

System development

Magnus Färlin


Anders Risberg

System development

Filippos Semere


Ola Kindlund

System development

Johan Siggeström


Our services

System development

Having the right IT support for your business processes is very important. IT must constantly grow and develop as the business processes do so and not the other way around.
Kiwision has many years of experience in enterprise architecture, system architecture and system development. Surprisingly many IT projects are today seen as failed and we know how to minimize that risk. It is often a matter of clients and developers lacking consensus on common goals in the development project. For this reason, we work closely with clients with agile work processes, prototypes and frequent reconciliations. Our long experience has also given us a great business understanding, which means that we not only deliver what our customers ask for, but also what they need.
Get in touch if you want to know more about our offer in system development.

Education and training

Kiwision can deliver lectures to different types of seminars or training opportunities. We also offer training or workshops in e.g. SharePoint, networking, server technology, IT security, Office 365, Power BI or various virtual platforms.

Do you need training, lectures or to internally train your own technical staff. Get in touch for an offer.

Management (CIO)

We know that IT is not always part of the core business of many companies. We believe that IT as support should be an integral part of all companies and encouraged by management. Therefore, we work closely with managers and management teams to develop IT policy, IT planning or choose the "right" system for different purposes.

Technical support and implementation (installations), system documentation & management of server environments are part of all our deliveries.

Do you need help with your IT environment? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Server and network

We can servers and networks. Cloud server? Local server? Regardless, Kiwision can deliver the entire solution from hardware and licenses to completed installation. VMware vSphere (ESXi), Hyper-V (VMM), Azure (IaaS) or through another local data center? These are all platforms we can and work against.

Corporate networking is another major area in which Kiwision delivers. Regardless of media, copper or local fiber networks, we have the expertise when it comes to network protocols, design, QoS, VLANs etc.

We also have reference installations within FFTO (Fiber To The Office (10Gbe) internal fiber LAN). Wireless networking is also an area that is growing tremendously in our digital life.

We deliver the latest in wireless technology e.g. MU-MIMO (Multi User MIMO) which is also called Wireless LAN. This gives you speeds up to 1700Mbps (SU-MIMO).

IT security

Are you interested in IPS/IDS, SIEM system or honeypots? 

IT security is no longer just about something you buy and install, but this is today a logical system and way of working.

We work with Sophos, which offers a complete range of hardware and software that make your infrastructure and systems more secure. Kiwision delivers throughout the chain from network protection (perimitter protection e.g. L7 firewalls), server / client protection (endpoint) & file / device encryption (anti-ransomeware) and Sophos' central cloud service that communicates with all these systems.

If your company does not yet have 100% protection against wanna-cry / ransomware or the most sophisticated zero-day protection available on the market, contact us and we will help you.


Vi have expertise in performing penetration tests, risk assessments, and vulnerability assessments. Our methods are based on Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual v3 (OSSTMM) och National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-30, 800-39, 800-50, 800-53, 800-111, 800-115, 800-123, and 800-171 standards.  

We work actively with these products & logical systems to make your company GDPR secured or certified according to ISO 27001.

Contact us

Phone number

+46650 40 18 40

Möljen 8 (Sjöboden)

Our partners

Comfuture - Computers, support, peripheral

Crayon - The Software Experts

Veeam - Backup solutions

SOPHOS - Endpoint security

Remote support

Download and run the ISL client for remote sessions. Kiwision's staff will provide you with a session code.